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Aside from rooting hard for the Note year in and year out, Blues fans root for the Detroit Red Wings to lose (like people don't already know this).  We don't care if it's in a charity golf tournament, beer pong, a hot dog eating contest, a pre-season game, old-timers event, or the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The Wings will go down and they will go down hard...that is, if Blues fans have anything to say about it.  And it's really not even enough for them to go down hard.  Blues fans would prefer Detroit get humiliated, embarrassed and suffer multiple injuries while losing in grand fashion on a national stage.

Over the past few years, the Blues have either missed the playoffs or gotten swept in the first round.  Granted, this franchise is trying to rebuild and that sometimes takes longer than a lot of fans care for, but that's how it whatareyougonnado?

So after the Blues are either eliminated from playoff contention or the playoffs themselves, the focus shifts 100% in another direction...and that is rooting like hell against the Red Wings in the playoffs.  "Anyone but Detroit" is kind of a second motto amongst Blues nation.  Another common phrase is,: "My favorite team is the Blues and my 2nd favorite team is whoever is playing Detroit." or the always popular:  "F*CK DETROIT."

People will say Blackhawk fans hate the Red Wings more than Blues fans.  But I dunno.  I can't imagine any team hating the Wings as much as Blues fans do...and the Blues have many more reasons to hold a grudge with all of the playoff history between the two clubs that NEVER went in favor of St. Louis back in the late 90's and early 00's.  Many Blues fans feel Detroit stood in the way of a cup here in St. Louis as the Blues had some pretty damn good teams, but couldn't manage to get past the Wings...ever.

Last year, the Penguins did the honor of bouncing the Wings from the playoffs...this year it was the San Jose Sharks.  Now, the problem with this is that the Sharks are a pretty hated team in St. Louis as well...but it pales in comparison to the hatred for the Wings, so screw it... GO SHARKS!

And go they did.

San Jose easily disposed of Detroit in five games, with Detroit's only victory coming when they were already down three games to none and the series was essentially already over.

On behalf of Blues nation and Red Wing haters everywhere, let me simply say, well done San Jose...well done.

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