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Injury Report - December 17, 2010

Remember that fateful scene in Book XI of John Milton’s Paradise Lost when the almighty God punished Adam and Eve for not obeying him?  He sent his Son to Earth to tell them of their fate, which was being tossed from the Garden of Eden.

Oh, I guess you didn’t read that one.

Well, you don’t need to.  In a much smaller sense, the Blues have been punished for their deeds.  It seems that terror has fallen upon this hockey team.  The Hockey Gods are not smiling down on the Blues, and have even sent their messenger, the medical staff, to tell the Blues of their fate.  Six regular skaters for the Blues have been unable to play in recent games.  But one question remains; why?  Was it that management did not pursue any new talent in the off-season?  Did the team get too cocky with their winning ways earlier in the season?  Is it because the Scottrade Center sound crew decided to play Linkin Park in the opening of home games?

Whatever it is, things are not looking up for the injury-plagued team.  Even though the Blues (or should we just call them the Rivermen), have been stringing together a few wins here and there, players are dropping like flies.  Here is the latest on the notorious six that are currently not in the lineup:

David Perron – We know his typing hand is working – just read his Twitter.  But just like with any concussion, it goes a day at a time.  Perron states that he feels better one day, then feels worse the next.  It’s a vicious cycle that will just end one day.  He will have to pass some medical tests before given clearance to play.

T.J. Oshie – Still out with the broken ankle.  His re-evaluation will not be until mid-February.

Andy McDonald – Same as Perron.  Unfortunately, even in our vastly improved medical world, there is still a lot to be known about concussions.  This is something that McDonald will just have to wait until he feels better.  Could be tomorrow, could be in two months.  There is simply no way of knowing.  He was officially placed on injury reserve Thursday morning.

Roman Polak – Looking at a January 2011 return.  He is going to see a doctor Friday morning, after being cleared to shoot pucks this week.  Thanks to Andy Strickland of for this information.

Alex Pietrangelo – Skated Thursday morning and likely to skate Friday morning.  It is believed that the upper-body injury reported by the team is a shoulder injury.  “We would anticipate it not being long-term," coach Davis Payne said Thursday morning.

Erik Johnson – The most recent injured Blue, E.J. left Wednesday’s game against the Red Wings fairly early in the first period.  Suffering a slight-sprain in his left knee, the Blues are giving him a day-to-day timetable on the injury.  Good news, considering the Blues did not want to make an announcement until the first intermission of Thursday’s game against the Kings – a tactic that teams will use to announce a long-term injury to still get the fans to tune in to the broadcast.  “It’s day-to-day and it’s not a long-term injury here.  He’s relieved, we’re relieved and maybe this is a good sign for us that things will turn around finally,” Blues President John Davidson told the media.

Things need to turn around.  Despite being tied for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, the Blues need the injuries to stop and to start winning games on a more-regular basis.

After all, the Hockey Gods can’t be mad at St. Louis forever, right?

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