LetsGoBlues.com Website Advertisting:

Banner ads are placed under the header and above the body content. The available space is based on a three column layout and banner ads can stretch across one or two columns. Banner ads appear on every page of the site, including the popular discussion forums. All sponsor banners will rotate and a random ad will be shown upon each new page refresh.

  • 2col Banner ad: 670px x 100px

    $20/mo. as part of rotation
    $50/mo. for exculsive spot (no other ads will rotate in)

  • 1col Banner ad: 330px x 100px

    $15/mo as part of rotation
    $30/mo for exclusive spot


Lets Go Blues Radio On-Air Advertising:

During the 2014-2015 NHL season we generally had between 800-1200 listeners per week, which was an increase from the previous season. Listener stats can be provided upon request.

  • Broadcasts during the season: Approx. 24.
  • Broadcasts during the playoffs: Approx. 2 per week until the Blues are eliminated.
  • Broadcasts during the offseason & preseason: On as "as needed" basis, but approx 3-5 shows.

Pricing: $250/season


  • Mentions at the beginning and ending of each broadcast.
  • A 30 second commericial midway through the broadcast (read by on-air talent or an audio file can be given to us and played).
  • Sponsor's logo and "sponsored by" next to the stream in the blog post on letsgoblues.com that features the latest episode.


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