You can say a lot of things about the St. Louis Blues this season.  You can say they suck at home, or you can say they can't hold a 3rd period lead to save their lives, or you can say the offense is borderline pathetic on most nights, or you can say our captain is a screw up that does anything but lead by example on the ice, or you can say our supposed go-to-goal scorer can't hit the broad side of Union Station.

But the one thing you can't say this season, is that the Blues can't beat those pansies from Detroit.  It has actually been quite the opposite.  The Blues this season have beaten some Red Wing ass...and I think I speak for all Blues fans (and most fans around the NHL) when I say it feels great to have gone 4-0-1 and taken 9 of the possible 10 pts. against the long time nemesis of the Blues so far.

The only Red Wing victory against the Blues came in an overtime win on November 28th in which Detroit needed a last minute goal to force overtime.


Blues fans have been frustrated beyond belief this year.  This Blues team was supposed to be a playoff team after their outstanding 2nd half run to take 6th place in the Western Conference last season.  But this year, the Blues have struggled to stay out of the basement in the West and currently sit six points out of a playoff spot...which is not where they want to be and it's not where Blues fans expected them to be.  Sure, they're a good winning streak away from knocking on the 8th place door, but they haven't shown they can go on a run like that...but whatever.

On a bright note though, is the Blues play against Detroit.  Yeah, they blew a 3-1 lead late in the 3rd last night, but so what...they won the game.  In hockey, the end justifies the means...especially against those things from Detroit.  What's hilarious though is Detroit's play this season.  The Red Wings and their fans expected to challenge for the Western Conference crown once again (zzzzzzzz...snore...zzzzzzzz), but the Wings currently find themselves two points out of the playoffs in 9th place...just four points ahead of the Blues, whom everyone will admit, has pretty much sucked this year.

It's been a long ass time since the Blues have finished ahead of the Wings in the standings.  The 1999-2000 season was the last time that happened...that's 10 years ago.  If the Blues manage to miss the playoffs this year, it would be huge for Blues fans if their team could manage to finish ahead of the team that has been a thorn in thier side for the better part of two decades.

Blues fans haven't had much to cheer about this year, but their play against Detroit has been solid and is worth celebrating.  And quite frankly, if the Wings miss the playoffs, I will laugh my ass off.

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