LetsGoBlues.com is looking to improve and we need your help!

For years, LetsGoBlues.com has been your home for an interactive discussion board for all fans to participate.  We have been your #1 stop for news and analysis provided by you, the fans!

Last season, LetsGoBlues.com creator Curt Price invited me to provide some of my work on the front page.  I was very happy to do it and have no regrets on my decision.

As if that was not enough, Curt and myself joined Jeff Quirin of BlueNoteZone.com to create STLBluesRadio.com, the only podcast dedicated solely to the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Seven episodes in, we have enjoyed reading your comments and feedback about the show.  It seems that this is something the three of us will want to continue far into the future.

With all of this added responsibility, Curt and I have found it very difficult to keep pace with content on the front page of LetsGoBlues.com.  Our free-time is at an all-time minimum and we are looking to help relieve some of the pressure to stay constant.

This is where you come in.  LetsGoBlues.com is officially looking for 1-2 more writers for the front page.  I will tell you now that LetsGoBlues.com prides itself on having a little edgier and more humorous content; while we still do not want to "bash" the Blues, we like to dive deeper than your mainstream media.  Basically, we want content on the front page that you may not read anywhere else.  Keep in mind that game recaps, in-game blogs, player news and team sale news are a big focus for LetsGoBlues.com ((as any news site or blogging site).


Here is how you can apply to write for LetsGoBlues.com:



Send me (Jeff Ponder) an email or a private message in the LetsGoBlues.com forums.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LGB Forums screen-name:  ProngerBlues44

In your email, please  include your name and where you live.  Follow that up with an article containing 300-400 words involving something with the St. Louis Blues.  This can be a game recap, something in the news regarding the team or even just a story about your feelings of a certain player or situation.

I will forward this on to Curt and we will discuss any further actions we want to take.

Please remember that this is unpaid.  We are looking for passionate fans who want to express themselves for a large portion of the Blues fan base to read.  Prospective journalists or creative-writers: this is a perfect opportunity to get some of your work online!

A very special thanks goes out to all who apply and good luck to those that do.  We appreciate everyone's time and effort that will be put into this.

Any questions for Curt or Jeff?  Please post them here!

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