Blues Reconcile Differences with Fans

We all know this story.  Husband makes wife upset.  Husband is chastised all night until he returns home the next day with a bouquet of flowers.  Wife is happy and things are good until the husband screws up again.

This is something that can be related to the St. Louis Blues and their fans.  After a loss to the Nashville Predators, the Blues faced-off with the Dallas Stars in Texas.  The Blues came out with energy and held a comfortable 2-0 lead after just four minutes of play.  Even after controlling most of the game, the Stars battled back and got the 3-2 win in the shootout.  Heartbreaker?  Not so much.  After all, the game was 2-2 going into the third period.  It was a hard-fought win by the Stars.  But the fans saw a fight brewing.

Two nights later in Chicago, the Blues had the same 2-0 lead but brought it into the third period.  David Perron seemed to be juiced on something in this game, scoring two big goals and bringing the fans alive in their living rooms.  But with just under seven minutes left, Marian Hossa scored a power-play goal for the Blackhawks to cut the Blues’ lead in half, and then scored again in the overtime period on poor defensive coverage by the Blues.  The name-calling and finger-pointing ensued by members.


“The St. Louis Blues--You Only Need to Try For Five or Six Minutes To Get A Point Off Of Us,” Nyghtewynd said.  “Folks, it's time to face facts: this team isn't a bit better than last year yet. Can't finish, can't get big saves in late games, has no go-to scorer, and Barrett Jackman is still freaking terrible. But I'm sure they'll all blame it on Payne in a couple of months.”

“I'm switching to Dish network so I don't have to watch this...” added philco_3, who later implied that the Peoria Rivermen are a better hockey team than the Blues.

“Same s***, different year,” glen a richter pointed out.

WaukeeBlues even said that three beer bottles were broken because of what the Blues did during this game.

How were the Blues going to deliver flowers to over 20,000 angry fans?  It’s not an easy task.  Winning the next two games seemed improbable as well, considering they were playing the Blackhawks yet again and the next night were welcoming the Pittsburgh Penguins into Scottrade.  Fans tried to forget the fact that these two teams were the last two Stanley Cup winners.

Unless the Blues were going to call the Marriage Ref, it seemed they were going to lose this fight.  But they pulled it together.

In what was one of the most exciting games of the young-NHL season thus far, the Blues pulled out a huge 4-2 win.  David Perron continued to slay the Blackhawk beast, scoring two more goals.  Polak added a goal (weak, but hey, we’ll take it), and Berglund was in the right-spot at the right time to knock in a power-play goal for his 3rd goal of the season.  The Blues were halfway there.  Maybe just getting another point in the Pittsburgh game will satisfy some of their fans.

They did just that.  After brilliant games by goalies Jaroslav Halak and Brent Johnson, the third period buzzer went and the game remained 0-0.  But Erik Johnson changed that 00:50 into overtime, when he received a pass from T.J. Oshie and sniped home a wrist shot from the top of the face-off circles.  Blues fans were happy with their present, delivered in extra minutes.

“Great win!  The Blues were flying all over the ice all game,” exclaimed Robb_K.  “This is going to be a fun season.”

“Great game, great team, and I LOVED Davis Payne's reaction,” said ohio BLUES.

“Awesome game,” goon attack wrote, “I have a legitimate broner for this team.”

So is all well in St. Louis now?

The real relationship tester will be when the Blues embark on another road trip, leaving their fans sitting and waiting in their living rooms to see their favorite team again.  They will be leaving for a one-game trip this Thursday, but maybe baby-steps away from Scottrade is what this team needs.  For the sake of staying together with the people most important to them, they have to start being trusted when they are out-of-town and away from their home rink.  But the Blues are hoping that the magic continues and the spark doesn’t go away.

1-800-FLOWERS has nothing on the St. Louis Blues.

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