We would like to apologize.

This week's show is the victim of internet gremlins.

Unbenownst to us, during the S4, Ep21 show, some hefty feedback audio issues that Bill and our guest Tom Calhoun were experiencing actually went out to the audience. We had thought the feedback was just something that was isolated to Bill & Tom's ears and not our audience, as I could not hear it and Bill and Tom couldn't hear each other's feedback issues, so we continued with the show. But unfortunately it came through loud and clear on the final product somehow and it lasted the entire show.

We can not in good faith publish this show for you to listen to. We pride ourselves on providing a good show with good quality audio, but this one was not up to our standards at all (or anyone's really), so it has been removed from this site and our podcast feed.

We apologize to our audience and fans of the show, as well as our guest, Tom Calhoun, who was very gracious to come on the show and gave us a real good interview...we swear. :)

We have never experienced this issue to this severity before, and we vow to have it fixed before next week's show.

Thank you for understanding.

- Curt Price