Let’s Get That Power-Play Working

We’ve all watched it.  We’ve all suffered through them.  We’ve all ripped our hair out over it.  That Blues power-play has been atrocious this season, hasn’t it?

Currently ranked 26th in the league with a 13.3%, things almost cannot get any worse.  Factor in that the Blues have the third-worst power-play on home ice (10.9%), are currently on a 0-16 slide (including 0-9 at home) and you get a team that seems unbearable to watch.  There has not even been a power-play goal since Alex Pietrangelo scored in the middle of the first period against the New Jersey Devils twelve calendar days ago.  So what should the Blues do to fix this major problem?  Here are a few ideas that could change things.


1)      Stop the “power-play dance.” How does this keep growing?  Every home game, it seems that more and more fans are jumping on this ugly bandwagon.  Since this atrocity started sometime last season, it seems that the Blues can only muster one power-play goal every 15 home games or so.  If it doesn’t stop to possibly help the team’s chances, then stop it for the sake of us civilized fans and media members.

2)      Put Brewer on the ice. That’s right folks, I said it!  How can this guy help?  Well, don’t put him on the point.  Place him down low at the side of the net.  I mean, when he is down by his goaltender, tons of goals seem to occur.  Just tell him to do what he would if he were on defense.

3)      Throw Cam Janssen out there too. No no no, not with a stick.  You can’t trust him offensively.  Place Janssen in front of the net, but place his stick on the blue line.  This way, he can provide some traffic in front while his stick could stop any possible clear-outs from the opposing team.  He may be more of a threat with his stick out of his hands anyway.

4        Change jerseys. Yea, some trickery might help.  Take one player that is on the power-play unit and have him put on a different jersey, whether it is the other team’s or just a random jersey.  This way, the illusion is given to the rest of the power-play unit that the teams are at even strength, and the player with the different jersey can sneak in and set up his teammates.  There is no rule against changing jerseys mid-game anyway, according to D2: The Mighty Ducks.

5)       Take a penalty. When the referee raises his arm to call a penalty against the opposing team, one of the Blues skaters can hook or trip someone or flat out lay somebody out to take a penalty and negate the power-play.  While this does not exactly help the man-advantage, it does help the team in the long run by not allowing the power-play to take place.

It really doesn’t seem anything else is working, so let’s go with something off the wall.  It may make it a little more entertaining for the fans anyway.  It surely can’t get any worse.

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