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Devils hid medical info from Peluso(Blues also implicated)
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Author:  Kreegz2 [ Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Devils hid medical info from Peluso(Blues also implicated)

http://www.tsn.ca/nhl-team-wrongfully-w ... e-1.636989

A terribly sad situation. The main culprit seems to be Lou Lamoriello and the Devils organization, but the Blues and Flames are also named as defendants in the suit. Peluso suffered a concussion during this fight with Twist in '93


You should read the entire article but here are the worst parts:

On Dec. 18, 1993, Peluso, then 28, fought Quebec Nordiques player Tony Twist during a game at Le Colisee in Quebec City. Peluso hit his head on the ice and was knocked unconscious. A doctor’s report from that night concluded he had a concussion.

Days after his injury, Peluso returned to the Devils’ rink for the team’s Dec. 23, 1993, game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Devils’ head coach allegedly told Peluso the Leafs had six “linebackers” and Peluso was needed to protect skilled players.

“During that game, [Peluso] was hit in the head by opposing player Ken Baumgartner and sustained further head injury,” Peluso’s lawyer argued in a July 13, 2016, court filing.

Two months later, on Feb. 14, 1994, Peluso collapsed while working out on a treadmill at a Florida hotel.

Four days later, on Feb. 18, Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello told The New York Times that Peluso’s seizure “was primarily due to dehydration and lack of nutrition.” The Times also reported the Devils were concerned Peluso’s seizure could be related to his Dec. 18 concussion.

Peluso was sent to see neurologist Marvin Ruderman. In his Feb. 21 report sent to Lamoriello, the team’s trainer and doctor, Ruderman wrote: “[Peluso] likely experienced a major motor seizure on 2/14/94, which I believe is most likely related to a post-traumatic seizure as a consequence of the cerebral concussion in December 1993. I do not believe this was related to dehydration.

Peluso was one of the toughest enforcers in NHL history. He had 240 fights in the NHL and 105 of those occurred after the Feb. 21, 1994, warning from the neurologist.

“The defendants knew that the probable consequences of requiring that [Peluso] go back out on the ice and perform his job as an enforcer would involve serious injury to its employee,” Stuckey wrote in a court filing. “The neurologist sent his report to the NJ Devils, its general manager Lou Lamoriello, team doctor Barry Fisher, team orthopaedic surgeon Leonard Jaffe, and warned them explicitly that the only way [Peluso] could avoid long term neurological damage, and a chronic seizure disorder was if he did NOT sustain any more hits to the head.”

Stuckey wrote that Peluso was not copied on the communication.

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