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GDT Game 41: 12/30/17 | 7:00 PM CT |vs Hurricanes|FSMW/KMOX
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Author:  glen a richter [ Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDT Game 41: 12/30/17 | 7:00 PM CT |vs Hurricanes|FSMW/K

The post-Schwartz disaster has proven a couple of things... one being that this team clearly misses Schwartz (no shit), but also that this team clearly misses Robby Fabbri. He'd be devouring the offensive system that was humming along before Jaden got injured and would have filled the offensive void that's been concurrent with the loss of 17. If both were healthy, they'd be running away with the division and prohibitive favorites to win it all. This team has that much talent, but unfortunately evidently not that much depth.

Author:  theohall [ Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GDT Game 41: 12/30/17 | 7:00 PM CT |vs Hurricanes|FSMW/K

Balanced game in terms of chances.

Discussing the lack of offensive depth....

Given how well Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou performed in camp this past pre-season, it's very possible for them to be with the Blues next season. Their confidence after performing well in NHL camp has carried over to their junior teams where both are playing extremely well. (Haven't watched past the set of games in the World Juniors, yet, so have to see what happened there and comment in that thread).

Thompson, Thomas, Kyrou, Fabbri, Schwartz, Schenn, Tarasenko.... That's offensive depth and it isn't predominantly left-handed. Seeing as that's 7 forwards, one of them has to be on the 3rd line with Steen and Berglund. (Stastny only sticks around for a significant discount or it will kill the Blues cap when these younger players become RFAs.) Doesn't leave room for the Paajarvi, Sundqvist, Thorburn types and, hopefully, Blues management acts accordingly. Not betting on it, though.

With that in mind, I've started looking at this season as which of the guys who might not be here next season will step up to earn a place to stay. So far, it's none of them.

I don't mind seeing the "hot-hand" player bumped up a line, but if that hot hand doesn't stay hot early in the next game, shift it up - like was done throughout this game - until someone shows they have that "hot-hand." One thing we don't have - or didn't through this game - is offensive consistency since Schwartz went down. Unless one counts consistently sucking on the power play and not finishing high quality chances as consistent.

Off to the Devils game.

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