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Every forum is a little different, but here is how to get the best experience out of the Forums...

If You Are New
Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the "Introduce Yourself" thread.

Please take a moment to read over our Forum Policies:
It's pretty standard stuff...but if you aren't familiar with standard discussion forum protocol, then maybe take a look. We're not as strict as most forums, we want you to have fun and be free to discuss & debate, but we also don't want any NSFW (not safe for work) or overly offensive stuff here.

If you are a lurker (one who views the site but rarely or never posts), please contribute. It will only make the forum that much better. The more action on the forum, the better...usually. :grin:
Just try to be respectful...for the most part. I know debates can get heated at times, and we allow for that...and that can be a great thing. But please refrain from personal attacks and things of that nature. If things escalate too much, we may have to lock up that thread. Thank you.

If you see an article or something you would like to share, share it here!
If you see something on or or or wherever that is hockey related that you think the forum would enjoy...share it here!
Copy a portion of the article and post it here...and make sure you post a link to the original article so as to give credit.

Something we all like to do/see...and we encourage this.
When posting images, please use the "Upload Attachment" option to post images.
This will avoid the issue of broken links to images when the source image is moved or deleted on the site it is from.

Here's how to properly post images on
- Have the image saved on your computer.
- On the message editor screen, under "Upload Attachment" click "Choose File".
- Browse your computer and choose the image. Please make sure it is 800px wide or less. If it is wider than 800px, please resize it using an image editor first otherwise you will mess up the forum formatting for that thread.
- Click "Add File".
- If all you are doing is posting an image, click "Place Inline". Then submit your post.
- If you are commenting along with the image, you don't have to "Place Inline". Just comment and submit your post.

Your Forum Signature
We encourage you to add a signature to your posts. It can be anything you want...links, images, a phrase, etc...anything that defines what you like or who you are. Signatures always appear under each one of your posts.

Within your User Control Panel, you can add/edit your Avatar (your image under your name in the left column) and your signature (the area under your post). The maximum width for a signature is 650px.

Embedding Videos

Embedding YouTube Videos
Yes, you can embed YouTube videos here...and it's a nice thing to do if you want to share a YouTube video.
Just follow the instructions here:

Embedding Videos from
This is a nice feature we added. Find out how to embed videos here:

Embedding Tweets
Twitter has become one of the quickest ways that news gets out to people. If you see something on Twitter that you want to post here, use the "tweet" feature.
You can embed a nice looking, formatted Tweet in the forums that also links to the actual Tweet, and allows you the option to follow that user if you want. Here's how:

Sponsoring Players & Stuff
This is kind of a fun thing we do before the start of each season.
An official thread is started by me, and members will chime in with what player, coach, building, front office member, piece of equipment, or whatever they want to "sponsor" for the season. (usually most folks pick a player to sponsor). And it's first come, first serve...and it only lasts until the start of the next season's sponsor thread.

What this means is that you are responsible for and also get to take credit for, the performance level of that player. So you may take some crap if they are sucking or you may gain praise if they are playing well. It's all in good fun. Basically you are responsible for your pick wisely...or just pick who you like. It's all in fun.

If you participate in this, please note in your signature somewhere who or what you are sponsoring so everyone knows. And yes, you can trade or switch sponsors with other members...just note this in the official sponsor thread.

Our Annual Playoff Challenge Contest
Every year before the playoffs start we hold a Playoff Challenge Contest. In recent years it has been a league formed through's playoff contest. Any forum member can participate and the winner will receive a champion banner image to display in their forum signature. You'll see some being used by former winners.
It's fun, it's easy and you only have to fill out your bracket once and then sit back and see how you do.
Example of the banner that winners receive:

If you enjoy the forum, and you also post on other forums...please put a link to in your forum signature on that forum...if they allow for that kind of thing. The more active members we can have here, the better.
Or, if you want to promote LGB in a different way, please feel free to do so. Radio Podcast
Every week during the season and occasionally during the offseason, we broadcast the Radio Podcast, LIVE. Anyone can join in and participate live with us on the air by going to and reading how (it's easy). It's a lot of fun to chime in and talk hockey with other fans and get everyone's take. You just need a microphone and headphones (and a quiet room please). Or, if participating isn't your can just listen to us live or at a later date, as our shows are available as a podcast shortly after the live show has concluded. You can listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher or just about any popular podcast player. It's also available to stream here at

I think we do a decent job of keep spam at bay. But sometimes stuff gets through. If you see a "Cheap High Quality Jerseys" thread, for example... DO NOT respond to it. Just report it using the "!" button within that post and we'll take care of it when we see it. Thank you.

Have Fun
That's what it's all about! Register, read, post, share, comment... and have a good time. And as always... LET'S GO BLUES!


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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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