FOR SALE: Club Level Seat -- Saturday vs. the Hawks

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FOR SALE: Club Level Seat -- Saturday vs. the Hawks

Postby cprice12 » Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:37 pm

I was contacted by a guy who had a friend of his back out on a ticket to Saturday's game vs. the Hawks...and he wants to sell it.

1 Ticket
Section 115, row P, seat 4.
Face value is 100$, (but he'll probably take less)
The ticket is Club Level Access
They live in Iowa and are driving down for their first professional hockey game.

He asked me to post this.
If anyone is seriously interested, I'll PM you his phone number and you can deal with him directly.

Here is most of his message:
I am neither a Chicago or St. Louis fan, although- we have decided to root for Chicago this weekend. Locally we watch Teir 1 Jr. Hockey, and the team name is the Blackhawks. I have never attended a professional game, and I have 4 tickets for Saturday nights' game. I have searched your forums over the last few years, but never become a member because I don't have any other email than hotmail. One of my friends backed out on me, and refuses to pay for his ticket. Nice 'friend' eh?? So now, left with 2 days before we go... I have an extra ticket. I am interested in selling it to one of your members.

If you know anyone who needs a ticket I have ticket in section 115, row P, seat 4. face value is 100$ but I'm not sure what I could get for it this late. The ticket is Club Level Access and I assume a very nice seat. Am I correct? I send you this message respectfully, I know the rivalry between Chicago and St. Louis and I don't want anyone thinking we are going to cause any problems, I just want someone to enjoy the game. We are leaving here (waterloo, IA) Saturday morning. I won't be receiving emails after that time.

Thank you very much for your help. If you don't have time I understand,

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Re: FOR SALE: Club Level Seat -- Saturday vs. the Hawks

Postby SteveO » Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:35 am

Someone should contact SMP.

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