Coyote Soap Opera 2

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Coyote Soap Opera 2

Postby TSUCookieMonster » Fri Aug 21, 2009 5:37 am

Quick question regarding the Coyote soap opera: Can't the NHL outbid Balsille (if he gets to bid) and just have the league run the team (or someone in the NHL office) until they can find a "suitable" owner and then sell the team privately? Re-sell the team to the new owner with no interest at a reduced price. Yes, the NHL would be losing money over this, but they would get to keep their precious team in Phoenix.

If this is even plausible, would the NHL go through with it? Seems like they're okay with an owner losing money, as long as it does not directly come out of their pockets. But I was under the assumption that the NHL had already interveined to some extent with their financial woes in Phoenix... so why don't they just buy the team (or just outbid Balsille)? Is there a bylaw against the NHL actually owning a team? Aren't they already part owners anyway?

I'm lost... :doh:

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