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Re: Weaver SOG

Postby drwoland » Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:38 pm

dmiles2186 wrote:
WaukeeBlues wrote:That hit was a thing of beauty and in the fast paced nature of the game doesn't get any cleaner than that. Eddie Olczyk is a dumb dumb.

"Mike Weaver left his feet!"

turns to

"That was a charge!"

:roll: please shut up.

And then to, "Look! His left skate was off the ground, like a centimeter! LEAVING HIS FEET!"

Okay, that maybe paraphrasing or exaggerating a bit, but really, his left skate barely off the ice doesn't really constitute a 'leaving the feet' call in my book. Plus, ol' Patty Sharp had his head down the entire time, no awareness at all...in fact, he was the opposite of Sharp. *rimshot*

His skate comes up after they make contact, which doesn't count. That was TERRIBLE announcing.
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