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Re: Blues Eulogy

Postby Portland Blues » Wed May 16, 2012 11:31 am

cprice12 wrote:
Portland Blues wrote:
cprice12 wrote:
glen a richter wrote:Curt your website is so modern, it's hard to believe you're actually stuck in the 80's.

I can't be bothered to discuss this with you. I'm too wrapped up in my Rubik's Cube.

I thought you were at the arcade playing Dragon's Lair...

I was on my way there, but then my brother called me on my brick-sized car phone, so I turned down Devo playing in the cassette deck, and he told me that 'V' the mini-series was about to start. So I turned my Firebird around and headed back home. I of course stopped to pick up some Garbage Pail Kids cards and Pop Rocks. I got home, grabbed some Fruit by the Foot gum, ran downstairs (tripping on some micro-machines), put on my slap bracelet, caught the end of Dukes of Hazzard, saw commercials for Pogo Ball, My Pet Monster & Madballs and a quick news clip about how crazy women were fighting in the stores over Cabbage Patch dolls before Voltron came on...which I would have considered watching had it been the Voltron Lions and not retarded Vehicle Voltron. I checked the other stations (all 5 of them...2, 4, 5, 11, & 30) and finally found 'V'...otherwise, yes, I would have been playing Dragon's Lair at the arcade. Along with Donkey Kong & Galaga. Probably would have went to Pantera's arcade and had a "Hunk" pizza with a Pepsi Free.

Well played...

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