Report: Blues pursuing Morrow

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Re: Report: Blues pursuing Morrow

Postby Oaklandblue » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:35 pm

Oaklandblue wrote:
DaDitka wrote:
Oaklandblue wrote:Too many ifs.

Perhaps, but that doesn't change the financial landscape.

Right now, after this season the only players you will have under contract that have played in the NHL (more then 7 games) are Backes, DP, Steen, Sobotka, Reeves, Jacks, Polak, and the Goalies. We have to resign or replace the rest of the roster. Their simply wont be enough room to keep all our kids and bring in a big name - big time contract. I for won am not willing to loose out on Shatty, Bergie, and a couple other guys to overpay a 'scoring' forward who's traits will be minimalized in this system anyway.

We have a plan and they are actually sticking to it. Find out what Swartz and Tank can offer this year, get your finances in order and then you can make moves either at the trade deadline or next offseason.

It simply doesn't make since to tie your hands right now. Not to mention Army even stated during the DP press conference that we either can't or won't participate in the signing bonuses being shelled out right now. He believes it is a temporary situation based on the threat of the expiring CBA.

I don't mean to disagree with your point about all the 'ifs', I just don't see the club doing anything drastic financially right now.

I agree. I think we'll end up staying put until something cheap comes our way. I think we value a few players higher than their actual 'ice' value, but know that we can't get much for picks for them, so we hold on to them or try to develop them.

Then we have situations where we re-sign players that are just flat useless. Woywitka comes to mind. What's next, are we going to sign Chris Pronger again if no one else will want him if teams decide he's a major injury case and that just happens to make him cheap? Sorry, this is just frustrating as heck. I don't get it. Are we trying to win the Cup or fielding the best Ice Capades group in the NHL?
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