The Future Of Our Goaltending

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The Future Of Our Goaltending

Postby Oaklandblue » Tue May 14, 2013 5:16 am

Sat back tonight and was reading through NHL.COM and came across this article: ... l:topheads

Now, we're running three goaltenders, one that is the future of the team, one who is the present (Brian Elliott) and one who is a questionmark, Jaroslav Halak. Now, it is famously known that I am not too hip on Jaro, but even I have to say he has talent but I've never felt that he was a good fit for us, his style, etc. I was thinking maybe we should offer him back to the Habs along with one or two players (okay, okay, Perron and Stewart) for Subban. Now, I know we need a scorer but this would be an effective trade, fall under Hitch's system of D and give us another cornerstone to work with while we hunt out scoring from elsewhere or within (Far as I'm concerned Ty Rattie is ready right damn now). As long as we keep Steen signed, I think we're good to go.

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Re: The Future Of Our Goaltending

Postby The Flake » Tue May 14, 2013 1:35 pm

Halak impresses at times but usually it appears as though he could give a crap and doesn't exert the effort to compete and win. Add that to the fact that he is injury prone and im done with him as a Blue. Have been thru most of last year and this season.

Elliots lackluster play at the beginning of the year was disheartening but that could be greatly due to the shortened season. Allen impressed me with the work he did while up with the big boys. He also caught the attention of my better half who is an Avalanche/Roy fan.

Im perfectly happy with an Elliot/Allen combo next year. I would love to get Miller in the note as well.

Also, did anyone catch the article on interviewing Hitch and his comments about Halak and his dissatisfaction not being played. Can someone post this? I wouldn't have played him either.
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The Flake
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Re: The Future Of Our Goaltending

Postby AlsWoodenStick » Tue May 14, 2013 1:50 pm

The Flake wrote:
Also, did anyone catch the article on interviewing Hitch and his comments about Halak and his dissatisfaction not being played. Can someone post this? I wouldn't have played him either.

This one?
ST. LOUIS -- St. Louis Blues coach Ken Hitchcock said it was no big deal that he and goalie Jaroslav Halak argued about playing time during the playoffs, calling it an "everyday occurrence."

Hitchcock and general manager Doug Armstrong both said Sunday that he didn't anticipate major roster changes after the Blues squandered a 2-0 series lead against the Los Angeles Kings.

The Blues were the fourth seed in the Western Conference this season, but Hitchcock said it was better overall than last year's team that had the No. 2 seed and got swept in the second round by Los Angeles. Hitchcock said the roster might change "five to 10 percent."

"What we need to do is become a better player in the offseason, not a better athlete," Hitchcock said.

Addressing Halak, Hitchcock said he'd have been surprised if the goalie wasn't unhappy about not getting used in the playoffs. Halak wasn't at the Scottrade Center when the locker room opened to media.

"With Jaro that's an everyday occurrence like arguments and discussions that go on with players and playing time that was discussed in the meeting today," Hitchcock said. "If he wasn't disappointed I'd be surprised. I don't care. If you're under contract, you're ready to play."

Halak is among three goalies in the mix with Brian Elliott, who started all six games against the Kings, and rookie Jake Allen.

"I think anything can happen," Armstrong said. "It was a difficult year, both Elliott and Jaro, and I think Jake took great advantage of it," Armstrong said. "He's proven to us now that he has to be part of the equation.

"So, it's a cloudy issue right now to be honest with you because of how the season progressed."

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Hitchcock and Halak clashed after the goalie was late for a meeting prior to Game 4. Halak didn't play in the playoffs after recovering from a groin injury late in the season.
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Re: The Future Of Our Goaltending

Postby Krigloch the Furious » Tue May 14, 2013 2:13 pm

Goaltending... The very last thing I care about when it comes to Blues hockey.
More important things like talentless forwards to worry about.
Defense, Happy.
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