GDT Game 2: 4/19/14 > Blues v Hawks > 2:00 PM > NBC/Y98

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Re: GDT Game 2: 4/19/14 > Blues v Hawks > 2:00 PM > NBC/Y98

Postby not_a_wings_fan » Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:58 pm

It is a 100% certainty Backes has a concussion. The only question is how severe. If you think there is a chance he wasn't concussed on that hit, you need to do some reading on TBI and come back later.

I have a good friend from Detroit and in chatting about this series I am shocked by his profound hatred for the shithawks. I had no idea they were so despised. His comment indicated that they are cheap shot assholes when they are losing ... which they haven't really done against the blues post-lockout. It was a fair point.

You could see the shithawks melt as that game went on. I was proud of our guys for playing hockey and not taking dumb retaliatory penalties.

@goon - nice to hear from you! I agree, step on their throats and win, but play our game. We can f*ck them up next year in the regular season to get our due.

I won't be shocked when the blues are up by three with 5:10to go in the third period of the elimination game and reeves bertuzzis Keith.
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Re: GDT Game 2: 4/19/14 > Blues v Hawks > 2:00 PM > NBC/Y98

Postby gaijin » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:05 am

KPFBlue wrote:Godamm*t, I'm in a tough place as a Blues fan. As much as I want the Blues to just buckle down and finish this thing out right, I also want bickell, seabrook and (especially) toews' heads on a platter.

Best case scenario: Reaves leads the handshake line after Game 4.

Wakey, wakey.

Oh, and Eddie Olczyk can lick on these [/Coach Q ball grab]

Every Blues player needs to greet Keith with these words during the handshake after we eliminate these jokers.
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Re: GDT Game 2: 4/19/14 > Blues v Hawks > 2:00 PM > NBC/Y98

Postby Jaykay » Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:31 am

If you look the game as a whole, this game should be an emotional boost going to chicago. we were up first, lost the lead, lost our C, came back to win it in OT. this is great in regard of winning the series.

I for one, am one those, who think the hawk must pay for this shit. Backes is a big strong guy who loves the physical play. he is used to it, and to me it looked like seabrook just wanted to take out the blues. he probably was not aware that it was backes, but he turned his body, he hit the head elbow first (although the elbow was down, right at the body).

So in my eyes, it does not help to run those dumb asses, just make the cry like little girls. sweep them. finish every single check. tortoure them in from of our goal, get under their skin, have ott be the real bitch!

Once Backes is ok again, he will take care of business himself, and if you ask me, I'm not a doc neither, but thing looks so terrible, I'm scared he's done for the year.

Get well soon, Captain!
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Re: GDT Game 2: 4/19/14 > Blues v Hawks > 2:00 PM > NBC/Y98

Postby dmiles2186 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:22 am

cardsfan04 wrote:
dmiles2186 wrote:
cardsfan04 wrote:

Anybody know what this is referring to? Reaves isn't the guy I'd like to piss off.

I posted the video a page or two back with the 'Wakey, wakey' audio clip.

Here's a Comcast reporter talking about the Hawks...

I knew what the wakey wakey was, but I didn't know what Reaves had done/said in response.

Gotcha, my mistake. Misread what you had posted.
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