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Re: Getting a new TV...

Postby cprice12 » Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:47 pm

OS wrote:
cprice12 wrote:

Along with D-ILA, DLPs are the best of the best among rear-projection TV technologies. Still, they are far from perfect. The eyeball test of effective viewing gives me about a 100° side-to-side viewing angle. One very important note here is that, with DLPs, the vertical positioning of the display should be very close to eye level. The vertical viewing angle on DLP televisions is far less protracted than its side-to-side viewing angle. Indeed, the vertical viewing angles of the DLPs I tested were maybe 40° or so.

Because each individual pixel is its own light and color source, plasma-display TVs are evenly lit across the surface and have a nearly perfect 180° viewing angle. This figure is uniform across all manufacturers and applies to side-to-side and to top-to-bottom viewing angles.

Manufacturers claim viewing angles of 160-170° for both LCD and DLP displays. The viewable picture at these extreme angles is quite impressive for both technologies. The picture on the LCD displays remained consistent throughout all viewing angles. This was not the case with the DLP TVs. Viewing a DLP set from various angles will impact the overall color accuracy of the image. There is a considerable shift in the tints when changing vertical positions. You will notice this if you shift positions (i.e., stand up or sit down) while watching your DLP unit.

Now, most people don't view tv's at extreme angles, so it may not even be an issue for most. And I wouldn't so much care about an extreme horizontal viewing angle...but it would the be the vertical angle that I might have concerns about.

Not sure what to tell you Curt, but on the TV I own viewing at an angle is not an issue. Perhaps isn't the most unbiased source for DLP information. Or maybe they can only afford Walmart TV's in their budget.

That's cool. My experience with DLP's is limited to viewing one of a friend of mine and from what I notice in the stores when I did a lot of research two years ago and again just over a year ago.
I'll probably be doing more research on HDTV's when we move later this year, as we plan on getting another plasma or LCD.

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