Internet question

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Internet question

Postby crazy blues fan » Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:43 pm

We are getting U-verse hooked up Tuesday. I was just curious where it ranked compared to Cable and DSL? Thanks for any help!
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Re: Internet question

Postby stinkdified » Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:17 pm

I have uverse.
if you get it dont pass on the dvr. the web access is sweet.
the internet is fine, speed is pretty good, reliability has not been a problem yet.
I pay for the 6mbit service and this is what i get here (south county, affton) its supposed to be 1mbit up
whatever you do, don't change your plan on the internet.
if you call 'em they will usually give you a better deal without even asking questions.
i have said something along the lines of 'well, i did this and this and this on the internet and it was going to be this much but then i did this and this and it would have costed this much'. just act like you know what you are talking about (and knowing what you are talking about helps too...)
the u-200 package includes Versus. u-100 does not.
the NHL network is under their 'Sports' package which is 10 bucks more a month and has a bunch of other channels that come with it...i just wanted the NHL though, i dont even know what the other channels are.
other than that, they have what they call the 'universal gateway' which is really a router. It includes a wired/wireless router for normal PCs and another 'TV' router which feeds the cable box (RJ-45 style, not coax).
obviously this is all one unit, i dont know much about TVoIP or whatever the hell its called. I think they might 'backfeed' a phone jack in your house to provide you with your phone service (i dunno, i dont have phone with att)
the wireless router included kicks ass compared to normal off the shelf G routers. its like super-power-router. goes about 2wice as far as my Netgear Rangemax
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