All LGB Accounts with zero posts have been deleted

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All LGB Accounts with zero posts have been deleted

Postby cprice12 » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:13 pm

We recently put installed some anti-spambot features into the forum to stop spambots from registering and posting spam.

The features are working....however...hundreds of bots had already registered and every once in a while they would post something. We would remove the spam and delete the offending spambot's account, but I didn't want to keep doing that. Nor did I want to go through the memberlist and analyze each user with zero posts and delete the ones I thought were bots. That would take days.

So... to remove all spam and future spam coming from spambots, we had to delete all of the accounts with zero posts...99% of which were spambots.

If your account was one of the live person accounts with zero posts that was deleted, I apologize that you were a casualty of war...a victim of friendly fire.

No biggie can just re-register. I apologize for any inconvenience. But if you'd have posted once in a while, this wouldn't have happened. :wink:

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