Any thoughts on Realignment proposal?

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Re: Any thoughts on Realignment proposal?

Postby Hullie » Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:39 pm

It's an excellent scenario for Detroit playing divisional games against Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Boston... Buffalo, Florida, Tampa I dont care although I root for Tampa. Much more exciting!

Worst Red Wings team in 20 years and they are playing the Blues even this year. Remember they have lost the most man games to injury than anyone in the league and they are playing 6 rookies. Brunner has been a find and Tatar is slick. The defense is atrocious though.

I almost want them to miss the playoffs this year and acquire picks/prospects for impending UFAs and have a decent draft slot. This season is boned with an asterik anyway.

I think a move to the East would also be more attractive for Free Agents coming to Detroit.
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Re: Any thoughts on Realignment proposal?

Postby philco_3 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:28 pm

The Eastern teams will be realigned from north to south, instead of east to west...well that is how it should be anyway.
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Re: Any thoughts on Realignment proposal?

Postby WaukeeBlues » Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:23 am

F*ck the NHL. Seriously. Players should reject this one too.

Still sending a big middle finger to Tampa Bay and Florida; that hasn't changed. Still 16 teams to 14 too.

And couldn't agree more...

sseagle wrote:It's dumb.

Look at these stupid assholes leaving space for two expansion teams.

Why (Frank) with the playoff format at all?

I got some other great ideas, lets not play on ice anymore, since people get their heads hurt on it.
Lets have two goalies and a third ref to (Frank) up and make shitty calls that he can't see from the other end of the ice...

I lol'd.

Why is the NHL adament about making a top to bottom alteration with this? I don't get it. What's the big problem with subtly swapping a few teams around to make Winnipeg NOT playing in the "Southeast" division? Nope. Can't be simple. Let's make this as frustrating as humanly possible. Also: still with the 16 and 14 teams? Really? I understand both Columbus and Detroit want to be in the Eastern Conference and there's only one Winnipeg but do that for the sake of making it harder for an Eastern Conference team to get into the playoffs? For ALL of the same reasons I ranted and raved about before?

The complexity is completely unnecessary, if I was one of the owners of Florida/Tampa I'd tell Bettman to go f*ck himself, the Eastern Conference is suddenly harder to make the playoffs in and I think the NHL should employ a mathematician and use some sort of quadratic formula to determine seed placement for the playoffs because this whole #1-8 thing is just nonsensical. </rant>
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