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Ingress Invite Giveaway

Ingress LogoOn tonight's Lets Go Blues Radio show, we are giving away an Ingress invite!

That's waiting weeks for Google to send you an invite code if you are the winner!

Just send us a tweet before or during tonight's show (in otherwords, you have all day to tweet us)...we start taping at 9:30pm central and end around 10:30pm.

Ask us a Blues question, make a statement, random thought, or whatever...we'll read it on the air.  At the end of the show.  We'll announce which tweet was our favorite and we'll send that person the Ingress invite.

Easy stuff.

All you have to do is tweet us and be sure to include #lgbradio in the tweet so we'll see it...that is the only rule.

Good luck and don't be doesn't cost you a send us those tweets!

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