LetsGoBlues.com Radio is a live podcast that listeners can participate in!  We give our unfiltered take on Blues news and other happenings around the NHL...and we have a lot of fun with it!  We've been doing this off and on since 2012.  Tune in LIVE or listen later! Let's Go Blues!


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lgbr logoEpisode 3 of Season 3... This week we discuss three outstanding games (Stars, Blackhawks, Jets), horrible reffing, the Elliott-Allen goalie controversy, Steen's injury, we answer fan tweets, and more!

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Taped Tuesday, March 31st - 8:30pm Central

lets go blues radio logoIf you missed it...you can listen here...and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!

We had another good show with a lot of good discussion and fan participation.  We talked at length about the Blues matchups from the previous week, Shattenkirk's return, the Steen & Tarasenko injuries, our goaltending and if it is good enough, NHL teams tanking for draft position, Radio Rants & we answer a bunch of Tweets.

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lets go blues radioWow, did we ever discuss a lot of stuff.  We packed a lot of stuff into an hour and 40 minutes!

Curt, Bill & Jeff discuss how the deadline acquisitions for the Blues have played, Shattenkirk's pending return, the Blues @ Wild, the Blues @ Wings, Hitch's line juggling, Nashville's struggles, who makes the playoffs in the West, who we want the Blues to play in the playoffs, Tarasenko's defensive zone issues, the proposed rule changes for next season, a couple radio rants, we answer Tweets sent to #lgbradio during the live show, and more.

A special thanks goes out to Blues icon Tom Calhoun for his custom contributions to the show's intro.  We are honored.

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