ESPN (now former) columnist also online scammer

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ESPN (now former) columnist also online scammer

Postby cardsfan04 » Wed May 02, 2012 2:02 pm ... ahphillips

Article too long to quote, so here's cliff's.

-Posted on message board of sports betting website and was eventually hired by the site to write columns.
-ESPN contacted her on Twitter and hired her to write a weekly column on sports betting for Page 2. Nobody met her in person prior to offering her the job (and possibly to this day).
-She used her status as an ESPN freelance columnist to try to start a website for comedy/sports.
-In the process of doing this, she scammed people. She got them to send her money or give her access to successful Twitter accounts and/or facebook pages in exchange for partial ownership of the website. Other people she "hired" to work for the site and conned into getting access to their Twitter/facebook logins.
-She has a partner that she works with. They were fired from T-Mobile together in 2010 for selling phones on eBay and activating them for commission.

The article is really well written IMO and explain the situation well. It's a long read, but it's interesting. There are several other stories updating this out there now too.
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